Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Chi Machine concept originate?

Katsuzo Nishi was a Japanese Engineer who was responsible for building the Tokyo subway system back in the 1920’s. He was also very knowledgeable about health, and developed his own self-help system of maintaining your own health. The Nishi-shiki system is still practiced today by people in Japan and other countries.

One of the principles Nishi taught was based on the realization that human beings face a great challenge in maintaining health because of our erect posture – unlike four-legged animals, fish, reptiles and the rest of the animal kingdom. Nishi said that the basic bone structure and arrangement of the internal organs of the human body have evolved from animals that are not erect in the same way as us. So, although our two-legged posture is very convenient for all the practical tasks we take on in our daily lives, there are certain strains on our system that result from this posture and which can affect our health.

One of the principles of Nishi-shiki is therefore designed to compensate for this weakness or vulnerability. Often called “Kingyo Undo” or Goldfish Exercise in Japan, Nishi taught his students to create a fish-like motion through the spinal column to stimulate circulation and energy flow through the body. He understood that the spinal column is fundamentally involved in all the body’s systems. The Japanese concept of “Kingyo Undo” has been used in Aikido and other Martial Arts for many years, starting long before the invention of the first chi exercise machine that was designed to simulate the same movement – see this short video by an Aikido Master: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XER1_GNwEUs.

Masatomi Ikeda is one of the most influential Aikido teachers who also practised judo and sumo. He taught Aikido internationally for many years and was greatly influenced by Nishi’s method. Consequently Goldfish Exercise practices are also widely used in Aikido – the martial art which is practised now throughout the world.

Another person who was strongly influenced by Katsuzo Nishi was Dr Shizuo Inoue, who in fact acted as his secretary for some years.  It was Dr Inoue who first had the idea of using a machine to easily create the fish-like motion through the spine which Nishi had taught. In the 1980’s this idea was taken up by another engineer, Keiichi Ohashi. He worked on a few designs which he patented in the late 1980’s before coming up with one which was commercialized by a Japanese company called Skylite Ind. Co. Ltd. It was launched in the early 1990’s. This was the original “Chi Machine” – though the Japanese did not use this name.

What about the “Original Chi Machine”?

The machine invented by Keiichi Ohashi and manufactured by Skylite Ind. Co. Ltd is only sold in Japan. Skylite granted a licence to a Taiwanese company called Hsin Ten Enterprises (HTE) to manufacture and market the same product outside Japan. HTE began selling their product under the trade mark “Sun Ancon” more than 25 years ago. It is manufactured in a factory in mainland China.

When these machines started becoming popular in the West, they became popularly known as “chi machines”. The President of HTE later registered “The Chi Machine” as a Trade Mark.

HTE still sell the original “Sun Ancon Chi Machine” 25 years later, using the same basic engineering specification. Unsurprisingly other companies have developed variations on the original design – some of them with more basic engineering, some of them with more advanced technology.

We do not sell the Sun Ancon Chi Machine on this website as it is much more expensive than other models, and the top models available on this website are in fact more advanced, with more robust motors. The Sun Ancon has an AC motor while the FlexxiCore, the Surge of Chi, and the Vitality Swing all have heavy-duty DC motors.

The good news is we sell these top chi exercise machines at about 50% of the price (or less) of the Sun Ancon – which retails at $550.

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What about Warranty ?

All products are covered by the suppliers’ Manufacturer’s Warranty.

In the case of the Surge of Chi and FlexxiCore products, we offer a special 3-level Guarantee:

A. No Quibble 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – try it for 60 days and return for a full refund if it does not completely satisfy you. You can read the full details of the Money Back Guarantee here.

B. 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Faulty parts and workmanship (Subject to normal conditions of use)
If your product becomes faulty within 24 months of purchase we will replace it free of charge if you return it in its original packing along with proof of purchase direct to Energy for Health’s warehouse**, provided that it has been used in accordance with the User Guidelines and not tampered with or damaged by inappropriate use.

If, at any time within 24 months of purchase, you feel that the performance of the motor or moving parts has deteriorated, you can return the product to us for testing and, if we agree, we will send you a replacement free of

** In the unlikely event you need to claim under warranty, you must contact us for assistance and support. Please note that if you wish to return a product you must contact us before returning it, so we can help make sure you are treated fairly and with integrity.

C. This standard Manufacturer’s Warranty can be extended to a 3- or 4-year Warranty on payment of a small extra amount: One Extra Year = $41.75; Two Extra Years = $64.75


What about Shipping ?

Your products will be shipped directly from the supplier. Your contract, however, is with us, Healthy Internet Marketing, and you can rely on us to provide friendly after-sales care

Why are they called Chi Machines ?

There is only one brand sold under the Registered Trade Mark “The Chi Machine ® ” This product is also sold under the “Sun Ancon” brand by a Taiwanese company called Hsin Ten. The Sun Ancon is based on the original design that came out of Japan in the early 1990’s.

The Japanese do not call these products “chi machines”, but after they were introduced to the West, people started to call them “chi machines” and Hsin Ten registered the name The Chi Machine ®  around 2000*.

After the Sun Ancon chi machine became popular, other designs with improved technology came onto the market, but the Chi Machine name stuck and has become a commonly user generic came for all similar machines. But because “The Chi Machine” is technically a registered trade mark* we use the generic term Chi Exercise Machines for all the different branded products on this website.

* The Chi Machine® is the registered Trade Mark of Chan-Hsiung Pan and others

What are the general health benefits of using a Chi Exercise Machine ?

We all know that ordinary exercise is important for keeping our bodies healthy in many ways. In the same way, using a chi exercise machine regularly gives benefits to general health, and is not only targeting one or two particular health conditions.

One way to understand this is to look at the difference between a health-related treatment that is holistic and one that is targeted at treating one specific medical condition or ailment.

Holistic treatments are designed to boost our body’s natural health maintenance and healing systems. This is a different approach from pharmaceutical drugs or surgical procedures that are designed to “fix” a specific problem, to suppress pain, or to somehow delay a decline in health.
There are many holistic therapies that can trigger positive changes and which help to rebalance your system.

Using a chi exercise machine regularly can give your body a tune-up in a similar way.
Here are some of the aspects of maintaining good health where it is generally known that regular use of a chi exercise machine could produce overall benefits:

  • blood system (improved circulation)
  • lymph system – in particular, sufferers from lymphoedema
  • release of tension in back, neck and shoulders (see back problems below)
  • stimulates the immune system – relief for auto-immune system disorders such as chronic fatigue
  • improved sleep (see Sleep Benefits below)
  • oxygen exchange at the lungs (including relief for asthma sufferers)
  • oxygen exchange at cell level – for healthy cellular activity
  • metabolism – reduction in body fat and weight
  • ‘chi’ or life-force energy flow – a perceptible boost of this subtle flow of energy – for many people feeling this pleasant sensation is noticeable from their first session – especially at the end
  • relief of stress symptoms – at physical, mental &/or emotional levels (see Stress Relief Benefits)
  • muscle toning – triggering of cellular memory
  • the digestive system and intestines, particularly for sufferers from constipation
  • autonomic nervous system – rebalancing through the stimulation of the spinal column

Over the years various other brands manufactured by different companies have appeared. Legally these other companies were prevented from using the same terminology, so you will see different brand names – some of which include the word “chi” – like Chi Vitalizer, Chi Exerciser, Zen Chi etc.
Because of this slightly confusing legal situation, the term “chi exercise machine” is increasingly being used when talking about this whole class of passive exercise devices. They all share the same basic principle of swinging the feet from side to side – though they may adopt different engineering designs and be of varying quality.

In ordinary life, most people simply talk about “chi machines” in general regardless of the brand, and this generic use will probably continue.

What will I experience ? Are there any benefits that everyone notices ?

It is well-known that our bodies benefit from exercise – the fact is that they are designed to be stimulated and kept in good condition by movement. Exercise increases circulation, deepens respiration (breathing), and encourages our body’s natural health maintenance and healing systems to perform better.

Just as many forms of therapy can trigger positive changes that act to rebalance your system, using a chi exercise machine regularly can give your body a tune-up in a similar way.

Experienced therapists use their skill and knowledge to work on particular aspects of our bodies that they determine need attention. In contrast to the more targeted approach of most bodywork treatments and healthcare devices, regular use of a chi exercise machine will have a truly holistic effect on your body’s health because the whole system is being stimulated, and because you are lying down in a relaxed state, there is no stress or strain that might have a negative impact.

In this sense your body will take advantage of the balancing effects and any extra boost of energy provided by regular use of your chi machine in its own way, depending on its own priorities. No one can be sure what concrete benefits might occur for you, or what you might notice. However, there are reports of very real benefits in many different ways. For example you can read a report on some trials of the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser
with 145 Health Professionals and Yoga teachers here. A second set of trials was also done with 45 who used the FlexxiCore with their clients and reported on a wide range of benefits – here is the published report.

Will I notice any change in my energy levels ?

The stimulation of your body’s energy systems by the oscillation generated in the area of your pelvis may lead to a noticeable lift in your energy. Many people experience a sense of reviving energy as soon as their session on a chi exercise machine finishes.

Also many people with chronically low energy levels notice that regular use can transform their general energy and through this uplift they also experience an improved sense of well-being.

For more on Energy Benefits click here

Will I get help me with my back problems

Although the original chi machines were not specifically designed for backcare, many people who use them notice that they are really effective in releasing the tension that many adults tend to hold in their back, neck and/or shoulders. The release of tension during and at the end of a session can also lead to a natural re- alignment of the pelvis and spine, especially with regular daily use.

Care should be taken if you have pre-existing back problems. We recommend that you consult a physician or therapist with suitable knowledge first, and you should start with short sessions. Ideally you should use a brand with a slow speed – for example, the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser has a particularly gentle starting speed and precisely adjustable speed controls.

Will they help me with my sleep problems ?

One of the big benefits of using a chi exercise machine noticed by many users is the help it gives in relaxing. It seems that the sideways oscillation of the pelvis not only stimulates the nervous system but also triggers a release of tension.

This effect can also help with people who have problems getting enough restful sleep. Many users with sleep problems report that it is easier to sleep after using a chi exercise machine – and many will have a session just before going to bed, to help them relax.

Apart from the effect of physical relaxation, a session on a chi exercise machine can help you let go of all the thoughts racing through your mind that are often a barrier to sleep. One simple technique is to focus on your breathing during a session – you’ll notice that breathing naturally deepens as a result of the exercise factor – just watch the breath go in and out and this will help to calm your mind.

If you have difficulty sleeping even when you are tired we recommend using a chi exercise machine just before getting into bed – you may find yourself falling asleep very easily!