What is a Chi Machine ?

Chi Exercise Machines were invented in Japan in the late 1980s as a type of passive exerciser that gives stress-free exercise while the user is lying down.



How Does it Work ?

Minimal effort is required to use the Chi machine. The “exercise effects” are created by swinging the user’s feet sideways, back-and-forth, while they are lying on their back. This generates a dynamic wave of sideways motion up and down the user’s spine at an oscillation frequency which can be fixed or variable mimicking the Japanese martial arts move known as “the goldfish”.

What are the Benefits ?

Chi machine may assist with 

  • Improved Blood Flow 
  • Reduced Leg and Back Pain/Swelling
  • Enhanced Lymphatic Function 
  • Improved Circulation & Performance  
  • Stress Reduction

What our clients have to say

Just a few minutes with my legs on the chi machine helps me relax, and then when I turn off the machine, I can feel energized throughout my body.

T. Fox


I can’t say enough good things about my new Flexicore. It is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. My achy spine and my legs and feet feel years younger after a session. My upper back seems to loose its tightness. It is so smooth, smooth, smooth. I absolutely am in love with this little machine and can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s just super! 

Jeanie Kilgour


I have had this Chi Swing Machine for a year. It is wonderful. I use it 3 to 7 times a week. It stimulates your whole body at the same time it feels like you are taking a nap. It seems very strong and durable like it will last forever. I like to wear socks that cover my ankles for a little extra comfort and to keep the good padding clean.



This product was highly recommended to me by Joseph a highly professional osteopath in Marbella, Spain in may 2015. i had never heard of this product, i bought this product in June and it works i use it 6 minutes on a morning and i am mobile.it helps my lower back, osteo arthritis knees,  lower legs. ankles. neck and shoulders.i have tried the inversion table, the back remedies various, all now are for sale.i highly recommend this product

Thomas Dawson 


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